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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real Roller Derby, Not that TV Fluff!

Relaxing at home tonight, I saw on Spike TV there was a CSI: New York marathon on, and one episode was about ROLLER DERBY!

Now, within the first 2 minutes I saw some "good skating" and a lot of DONT'S of Derby.

First off, on CSI the girls were skating on a bank track, we skate flat track. For us any normal roller rink or concrete floor will work. Banked track is still very popular though.

I don't follow bank track, nor know the rules, but if you want to see the rules of banked track click below to view the Bay City Bomber's page:

The RockTownRollers, and most teams follow Women's Flat Track Derby Association rules, WFTDA for short. Click the WFTDA logo below to view our rules.

So, back to the show, here are things that we do differently then is seen on tv:
1. First off all skaters wear mouth guards: safety first!
2. NO back blocking, pushing another skater from behind.
3. NO clotheslines! we do not use any part of the arm below the elbow to block.
4. Nor do we swing arms with elbows leading to block.
5. NO FIGHTING!! It is roller derby not street fighting!
Even though roller derby looks rough, we train hard to play fair and by rules. Will a fight happen? It could, and then those players will be removed from the bout. We are serious about our sports as any other athlete is about theirs.
Roller derby has come along way since its start in th 1920's. Below is a link the Wikipedia article,
Enjoy. Come see us on the track, email us with questions!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derby Derby Derby!

It has been TOO long since we have posted anything! We've been busy!

1/18/09 To start the month off right, we had our first ever Meet & Greet in house scrimmage! A private invite event for friends and family to see what these ladies are all about. A 100 invites were given out, and arounf 80 of them came to watch! We would like to that all of our friends and families for thier support in helping us get to were we are and to get were we plan to go.

We'd like give a big thanks to Funky's family skate center for being our second home, and to the Artful Dodger for printing the invites and serving us good food and drinks! Do help us by helping our sponsors!

1/24/09 Some of went to DC to see the DC Roller Girls Expo Bout, very exciting, 2000 fans came out to show some derby love.

Click the Image to visit the DC Roller Girls page, love those ladies.

1/25/09 Some others of us went to Raleigh NC to see the Carolina Roller Girls vs Naptown Tornado Sirens -and- the Carolina Boot Leggers vs The Dutchland Derby Rollers for an action pack double header!
Click there to visit the Carolina Roller Girls's page:

We, meaning me, are working on keeping the readers, meaning you, up to date with everything Derby. We will try to get new post up here every weekend, about events with us, other teams, and anything derby related!
Questions or comments? Let us know!
Head coach of RTR