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Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Derby Days of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas my derby wife gave to me:

12 months of practice

11 cheering new fans

10 bouts to play

9 new freshmeat

8 skate wheels

7 derby bruises

6 scrimmage shirts

5 broken laces

4 new pivot cups

3 pairs of pads

2 skate boots

and a helmet to keep the concussions away

From our family to yours Happy Holidays 
and a safe New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh my it's Eff In Aye

Derby Name: Eff In Aye

Derby Number: -1

How did you choose your name and number:
It took me months and months of trying to choose a name, when one night on the phone my brother came up with it.  I'm a pretty crass person (as is he) and it's a cute little warning about the big hits I love to throw and a sort of warning about what may come out of my mouth.  I decided to spell it out phonetically to emphasize my Minnesotan heritage.  My number comes from a song from the band Tub Ring and compliments my name.

When did you join:
I joined on May 1st 2009, the same day as Bam Bam Brawler and A.K.A V, the next practice after Rocktown's first home bout.

Favorite derby memory:
Roller derby has given me so many positive memories that I don't even know where to start!  My proposal to Afro-Die-T was a great day.  She was having a Veteran's Day cookout at her house and invited the whole team over.  I asked her husband's permission and got on one knee and told her what an inspiration she was to me on and off the track.  I'll never forget how happy she looked with those cute little tears on her face.  She has pushed me further and harder than anyone I've ever met and I can never that her (and her family) for everything they've done for me.

How has derby positively effected you:
30 years from now I'll look back on my 20's and my derby career and all I'll be able to think about are the friendships I've made through this sport and what all of these amazing, strong women have done for and taught me in the last few years.

Anything else we should know:
I'm pretty much an open book.  I love my four dogs (but my three legged one is my favorite.)  I love being outdoors, collecting unicorn art, bones, skulls and vintage roller skates.

Favorite quote:
"It's the suppression of the word that gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness." - Lenny Bruce
"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

Monday, November 25, 2013

Retirements, Jerseys and Ties oh my!

Recently we had three members of Rocktown go into retirement, Afro, Rosie and Troch.  And while this saddens us all, well we're Rocktown.  And that means that we had to send them off in style, and what better way to honor their time with the team than to retire their jerseys and tie.

Even better is the fact that both ladies had the old school dresses.  Some of you may have never seen them, so here ya go:

And then of course there was Troch, what do you retire when they have no jersey?

Well the infamous tie, straight off his neck of course!

We know that these guys will still be around, you are likely to still see them helping out at bouts, I mean, you never stop bleeding green and orange.  But this go round, you can buy them a beer and let them yell from the side with you rather than you drink the beer and yell at them!

So no more number 5 on the track, no more 1920, and no one will be allowed to rock the green and orange and white tie, or orange shirt and green suspenders, or any other style Troch rocked, lol.

*photos courtesy of Robert Lipscomb (  and Rosie's and Afro's facebook

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Greek Goddess Who Recently Retired

Derby Name: Afro-Die-T

 Derby Number: 5

How did you choose your name and number:
I wanted a name that conveyed both strength and grace.  I also wanted my name to make it clear that I was a black derby girl as there were far fewer in 2009.  I visualized this Pam Greer, Foxy Brown, Tina Turner take on a goddess.  From that Afro-Die-T was born.  The fact that my real name starts with a T was a bonus.
My original number was 46664, Nelson Mandela's prison number.  In 2010 WFTDA changed the rules limiting the maximum number of digits in a number to four.  The refs were grateful, I was not.  I am now the number 5.

How long have you been in derby:
I joined RTR in January 2009.  Good timing, some decent minimum skills, and absolutely nothing else qualified me for the 14th spot on the roster and I bouted in Rocktown's in March 2009.  That would never happen today.... and rightfully so.  I was so lost and confused!

Favorite derby memory:
The 2012 one point victory over D.C., in over time, was probably the most exhilarating moment that I have ever bore witness to on the track.  The only memory that competes with it happened the day after I had surgery for a broken leg.  My team had to skate, without their coach, and with the emotions of my on track injury very fresh on their minds.  The orange duct tape tribute that they did in honor of me brought tears to my eyes.  I was on a lot of pain medication but I remember being completely overcome with emotion about that.

How has derby positively effected you:
I move through the world taller and stronger.  I take up space differently.  I am a derby girl everywhere I go now.  There is very little that I find daunting.  I don't struggle to find my voice.  It's crazy but an alter ego, a physical challenge and an unwavering sisterhood birthed a new me in my 30's.  My grandchildren will probably still be benefiting from  the positive effects of derby on me and my family.

Favorite quote:
"The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in battle."

"If we score we might win.  If they never score, we can't lose."

*photos courtesy of Robert Lipscomb Photography and Kayley Blackwell Photography

Monday, November 4, 2013

Derby One-Oh-What??

So, you’ve been seeing the posts about all the awesome roller derby stuff going around and seen the 101 events on facebook and wondered if it is something that you should check out.  First, YES!  You
should most definitely come and check it out!  I don’t care, be there, your only excuse is if you aren’t 18, otherwise be there!  And actually, even if you aren't 18, we still want you!  You can't skate yet, but we can make you the new baby of our family and have you fully a part of us and doing great things with us, so when you do skate you will already be so integrated into Rocktown that skating will be just a natural progression.                              

For our Derby 101 nights we have so much fun!  And both our 101’ers and our most seasoned vets enjoy these nights.  So no matter your skill level with derby or even just skating level in general you should come and check it out. 

During any given 101 event we work on footwork drills, simple falls, and stops {because no, slamming into the wall is not a legitimate stopping technique.}   We also spend some time skating around together, working on technique and skating in a pace line.  And pace lines are fun, after all, like Rosie said “It’s just like playing Follow the Leader, only more violently.”  Who can argue with that?!

Our 101’ers have gotten to experience something with us that was a first time for everyone, RTR included.  We played sock derby.  Talk about fun!  It was such a great way to play derby, and not just have the team on the track while the 101’s watched us but to have all of us playing together.  So the skates came off, the pennies came out and helmet covers went on.  Then we all hit the track. 

We’ve all seen in person and in pictures how much fun Rocktown has when we play.  We are smiling and dancing and goofing off on the line waiting for the five second call.  Well, 101’ers got to play with us and experience all of that awesomeness.

Here is one of the best things about Rocktown and roller derby in general.  We can offer a home for anyone who wants to be a part of this great sport.  We have skaters and refs and volunteers who help on and off the track.  And us derby girls, we come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life! When we say that we can offer you a spot with Rocktown, we mean it!  

So on November 10th come and check out our final home bout of the season and then come back to Funky's on November 12th and get to know the team a little better and experience a derby 101 for yourself.