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Saturday, November 14, 2009

RockTown Rollers vs. Charlottesville Derby Dames: Bout Review

A little behind on schedule for posting, but at least it is up! We are trying to get back to weekly post. So, with out further delay..

Harrisonburg, VA – On Sunday, October 18th the RockTown Rollers hosted the Charlottesville Derby Dames (CDD), in a rematch bout, at Funky’s Skate Center. The Rocktown Rollers and CDD had bouted each other earlier in the season on April 22nd, this time around it was an intense rematch, but teams were extremely excited to play each other once again, with a final score of 92 to 74, Rocktown held off the Dames once more.

With approximately 350 enthusiastic fans, many new faces and many returning Rocktown fans, both teams started off the line with speed and hard hitting! Betty Crasher and B-One Bomber faced off, Betty and Rocktown start on a 4-0 lead in the first jam. Xena Whompher and SparKills lined up for jam two and the Dames answered with a 4-0 jam. In jam three first time jammer Nilla WasteHer on the Dames out ran Rocktown’s KILLnitzki with a 5-1 jam. The first half was a battle back and forth between the Dames and Rocktown, jam eleven, KILLnitzki and Nilla WasteHer faced off once more, with KILLnitzki scoring 5-3 for Rocktown. At the end of the first half, Rocktown held the lead at 47-20.

The second half opened with even more energy, speed and excitement! B-One Bomber for the Dames lined up against Rocktown’s Bam Bam Brawler taking a 4-0 lead in the first jam. Jams two through five saw both teams battling back and forth putting points on the board for both teams. Jam six B-One Bomber scored a 10-0 jam on Rocktown! Immediately following in jam seven Rocktown’s Betty Crasher answered back with a 12-0 jam. The intensity continued to the last whistle blast of the bout, finishing with Rocktown Rollers 92 and the Charlottesville Derby Dames 74.

Also skating for the Rocktown Rollers: Snakelegs, Super Charger, Knasty Knitter, Janna-cide, Grim Nemesis, Ramsey McDirtbag. Afro-Die-T and Vitamin V. Rounding out the Charlottesville Derby Dames’ lineup were: Bruta Liza, Mad Mountin’ Mama, Violet Renegade, Dyslexi, Amberetta, Little Miss Pissed, Miss Teaza, and Kitten Vicious.
Both teams skated 184 laps with 17 jams in the first half and 15 jams in the second half. The average jam time was 1:17. in the first period and 1:30 for the second period. The highest-scoring single jams were skated by Betty Crasher with 12 points for Rocktown and B-One Bomber with 10 points for the Dames. B-One Bomber also earned the honors as highest scoring skater, pulling in 37 points (50% of the Dames total score) and scoring an average of 3.4 points per jam. Rocktown’s leader was Xena Whomper, who racked up 36 points (39% of all Rocktown points) and averaging 3.3 points per jam. Overall the Dames scored an average of 2.3 points per jam to the Rocktown Rollers average jam earning 2.9 points. Out of the 32 total jams, the teams kept it tight with Rocktown taking lead jammer in 16 jams. KILLnitzki and Xena Whomper both earned lead jammer status for the Rollers in 19% of all jams, to B-One Bombers’s lead jammer status of 22% for the Dames.

It was an overall clean bout with the referees calling a total of 60 penalties. Rocktown pulled in 25 minor and 7 major penalties, while the Dames were called for a total of 24 minors and 4 majors. The skaters with the highest number of penalties were Rocktown’s Afro-Die-T and KILLnitzki each with 6 total penalties (5 minors, 1 major for Afro-Die-T and 4 minors and 2 majors for KILLnitzki) and the Dames’ Dyslexi and Mad Mountin’ Mama, with 7 penalties each (7 minors for both Mad Mountin’ Mama and Dyslexi). Elbows accounted for the greatest number of penalties called; 47% of all Rocktown Roller penalties and 61% of the Dames penalties.

The Rocktown Rollers and the Charlottesville Derby Dames, played a great bout and welcomed a crowd of approximately 350 people and donated 15% of all ticket sales to the our friend Dwight Brown, for a total donation of $300!