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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Angels in the Off Season

So, now that the season's over, everybody's sticking to a liquid diet — flax /raw/acai berry egg protein shakes — and getting plenty of exercise, right?

More like leftover turkey, pumpkin pie and candied yams. It's a rough time to have so many delicious leftovers in the house because Rocktown hasn't been practicing together much lately. It's cold outside, making this a popular time for families to rent out our home rink for parties, inconveniently, during practice time.

Still, RTR is a team of dedicated athletes who are working their bods in the interim. Some of the Rocktown Rollers share their routines:
  • Knasty Knitter: Random sit ups, squats and calf raises in the shower and an upper body workout courtesy of the youngest of the wee ones. ;)P (She's the proud mother of two.)
  • BamBam Brawler: Pushups ARE happening. ::grumble grumble:: and open skate whenever possible. I entertained the thought of going biking (it's the thought that counts, right?) and then realized its 38 degrees outside.
  • Rosie the Retaliator: I will be doing step aerobics tomorrow. I might be crying during and after, but I will be doing it.
  • Eff In Aye: I went to the gym yesterday and ran two miles and a bunch of weights too. I found out that i can leg press 300lbs for 4 sets of 10. :)
  • Revenga d'Nerd: During off season, I: 1) Search for the weight I lost during derby season and find it at the Thanksgiving table. 2) Skate my guilt and gravy away at open skate. 3) Practice side stepping & juking in the back yard with my dogs, desirable ... dog toy in hand.
  • Afro Die T: 2 minute sprints - at least a 7 or 8 on treadmill (to simulate a jammer jamming) then walk for 1. Repeat for 30 min. Change elevation a few times. If I get bored I'll go backwards or do sidesteps for a bit (NOT AT A 7) Get too tired do 2 on 2 off, but no more than 3 times (ie once every 10 min)
Keep up the good work! There are only five days left until Season's Beatings! Zombies vs. Robots! Pirates vs. Ninjas! Zebras vs. Skaters! Exhibition bouts between Richmond and Charlotte! The River City Rollergirls are hosting the all-day event Saturday at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Info here.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! See you Saturday!