Rocktown Rollers's Fan Box

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Board of Directors!

Rocktown recently elected a new board, which met for the first time last night with its predecessors. Here, let me introduce us to you.

Madam President: Knasty Knitter,

Vice President: Rosie the Retalliator,

Secretary: Mama Meat,

Treasurer: (Yours truly) Mia Feral,

Executive Officer: Vitamin V,

WFTDA Rep: Tarnished Silva,

Head Coach: BamBam Brawler,

Hey, look! It's other leaders and key decision-makers on the team!

Co-Captain: Betty Crasher,

Co-Captain: Ramsey McDirtbag,

Officer of Administration: Rocktimus Prime,

Officer of Games: Nitrous Knockside,

Officer of Marketing: Revenga d'Nerd,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Season's Beatings 2010

Holy smokes, was Season's Beatings fun this weekend! The River City Collergirls hosted dozens of skaters from the region at the Richmond Convention Center Saturday.

There were eight scrimmages, matching up skaters from numerous teams with improvised play and fantastic fanfare. Eff In Aye creates a mean five-minute zombie. (Please see her chewing off Afro Die T's Team Zombie accoutrements.)

MAD PROPS to the RCR skaters, who not only lead early morning clinics (thanks especially to Raci Lords, Raven Darkhold and Paris Kills) and played two bouts with the Charlotte Roller Girls, but also competed with the eight inter-team scrimmages well into the night. They even managed to hand the Zebras' own butts to them in a midnight match-up with more than 100 points to spare!

Rocktown Rollers represented. Not only did we have players in almost every match-up, but about a dozen of our friends and teammates showed up just to cheer us on. That made skating on a slippery polished cement convention hall floor all the more worthwhile.

And, in a shameless dose of hubris, I want to congratulate Rosie the Retaliator, Revenga d'Nerd and myself for surviving and thriving in our first big-event, inter-team match-ups. We have some rink rash and bruises to show for it, but we played good games, scored points, supported our packs and are happy to report that our teammates are proud of us.

We're also looking forward to the 2011 season!

(Photos courtesy of Jared Boxley and Tarnished Silva.)