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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013, The Year of Rocktown

2013.  The Chinese say it is the year of the snake, I disagree, it is the year of Rocktown!!!

This year marks five years that Rocktown has been in existence. Five years!  And Rocktown has grown by leaps and bounds in that time.  Starting as a small group talking about how cool it would be to have a team to now being an official 501(c)(3) non profit league with full WFTDA membership.

And I have written things and deleted them trying to find the perfect ways to describe how things have changed, how the league has grown and it all comes out jumbled.  Like someone trying to tell their crush how they feel without sounding crazy I just can't put the words together.  So let me show you, in pictures.

The original Afro Die T

And Afro Now

{maybe we can challenge her to bring back the afro wig, maybe for the Derbyversary.  Maybe if enough people respond and beg and plead, maybe I can bribe her to do this}

The first home bout ever!!!

Our most recent home bout

Troch then

Troch now

Check out the home team, look at all those faces, sadly look at the ones that are no longer with us {maybe if we all look at them long enough and sad enough they will 'feel it' and return}

Check out the new home team!  Look at all of those totally awesome faces!

Look, there's even a few that are the same!!! And we've added more that aren't shown here {I know, awesome, right?!?}

Look at the cute baby {aawwww}

That's the Little Nemesis Frankie, here's his Momma, Grim Nemesis.

So many changes and new things going on this year.  And new people joining the family!

Look at this start on the pivot line.  What's that? You forgot what the pivot line was?  It's ok, for a while I think we all did.

Look at this scrum start on the knee. {I think V's plotting against the other team.  Good job V!}

Look at all these refs - Hi Refs! 

They won't be blowing two sets of whistles to start jams anymore, everyone will be going on just one whistle.  Oh, and no more minors, they will only be calling majors.  It's all or nothing.

So, now that I've showed you some of our pics, and I've told you some of the changes coming I know you are super excited for the first bout of the season to come.  Well, guess what, good news, you don't have to wait much longer!  February 24th, 12 days, we can survive that long, right? Maybe?

*awesome photos courtesy of Michael Varner, Robert Lipscomb, Jenny Swab and a few fans