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Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Grim Nemesis!!!

Skater Name:Grim Nemesis

Skater Number:1787

What made you choose your name and number:
For my name I always liked the idea of a goddess of retribution.  And the number, I'm a fan of the Constitution.

When did you join derby:
In May of 2008, during RTR's first season. Before we had a clue what we were doing or getting into.

Favorite derby memory:
Getting MVP during a bout against Poe's Punishers many years ago.

How has derby positively affected you:
To me, derby always will be a DIY sport filled with open-minded, snarky, fun, hard core, body accepting people.  I knew that I found a home when I met this amazing group of people who didn't make fun of me for not knowing how to skate or for having to work hard to get into better shape to be athletic but instead were eager to help me improve.  In many ways I love the social movement of derby showing how hard core women can be - that we are just as aggressive and physically capable as men and that aggression can be a good thing.

Favorite quote:
"Shut the f*** up and skate" - Troch 

Any other interesting tidbits we should know:
I think people should learn derby is the perfect example of not judging books by their covers.  Our derby names are alter-egos.  Some skaters are turning away from that, but I will always love my name and remember that that was the only way some people felt comfortable skating - by assuming an alter-ego.  Derby is very different now than it was when I started but we should remember and appreciate our history and not lose the best parts of it.

**photos courtesy of Robert Lipscomb Photography, Jenny Swab and Grim

Monday, August 19, 2013

Derby Name: Lite Byte

Derby number: 256

How did you choose your name and number:
My friend Ruh-Roh (an awesome long time NSO) was driving me back from a game in Richmond and I guess derby brain fog set in, because we started making stupid jokes about eating.  Someone said "light bites" and the gears started turning. I'm a light bite! I could be a byte! And there's a nod to my light bright years! And I even have a number to go with it, done and done!

When did you join derby:
I joined in October 2012.  I had recently seen the epic tied bout against DC and had to come out and give it a shot.

Favorite derby memory:
Driving back from Left Turn Clinic with Doll Nightmare. So much bonding! X3

How has derby positively affected you:
I joined derby for some fun exercising, but promptly had to rely on these girls for some courage.  Shortly after joining I went through a tough breakup and lay off from my 4 year job.  The constant in my life was, and still is, derby practice and games.  I'm thankful for each and every one of my league mates for showing me the different lives we all live and reminding me that life is always changing.

Favorite quote:
"If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you."

Any other interesting tidbits:
My tag line is: She'll RAM you so hard you'll lose your memory"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who's That Lady ~ Nitrous Knockside

Derby Name: Nitrous Knockside

Derby Number: N2O

How did you choose your name and number:
I'm a dentist, and we use lots of nitrous aka laughing gas. N2O is the chemical formula for nitrous oxide

When did you join derby:
I joined in April of 2011

Favorite derby memory:
Getting a giant hematoma on leg that left a massive a bruise

Favorite quote:
Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine ~ unknown

How has derby positively affected you:
It has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people

*photos courtesy of Southern Days Photography, Shawn Ferry and fb friends =)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting To Know Rocktown ~ Rosie the Retaliator

Rocktown skaters are awesome people, from the ladies who put on the green and orange to the refs that rock it zebra style.  It's time to put a spotlight on these awesome people and show you the person behind that sparkly butt or tweeting whistle, today is Rosie's time to shine!

Skater Name: Rosie the Retaliator

Skater Number: 1920

Why did you choose the name and number you chose:
I really wanted to be a Rosie - my grandma worked on airplanes just outside of Detroit during World War II and she was such a tough lady.  She was kicked out of high school in 10th grade for punching a boy who grabbed her sister's butt!  She went to work on airplanes first and then for a company that made calculators - she worked on some of the first microships for personal use.
1920 is both the year women gained the right to vote in the US and the year my grandma was born.
When did you start doing derby: 
July 2010, 3 weeks after moving to the 'Burg

Favorite derby memory:
I have a lot! My first favorite is giving a waitress whip to Bassett Case at the 540 bout last year.  My second favorite is the first I was elected captain - I am so honored that my teammates chose me.  And my third favorite happens every time we play and give it our all on the track.

So awesome she can jam while holding the opposing blocker on her back and keeping the opposing jammer at bay!
Favorite quote(s):
"Those who can most truly be accounted brave, are those who best know the meaning of what is sweet in life and what is terrible, and go out, undeterred, to meet what is to come."
-- Pericles Funeral Oration by Thucydides

 "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."
-- Mike Tyson

 ʺI'm going to tell you what's stupid, and you're going to learn itʺ
-- me, to my history students

How has derby positively affected you:
I thought I was busy before but now I've reached new levels of time management. My physical health is better than it ever has been. Before starting derby, if I could go back in time and talk to my 18 year old self, she would NOT have been proud of me. But since starting derby, I think my 18 year old self wishes she could be me!  

Any other tidbit(s) we should know:
If I could wear sparkly pants every day I totally would.

*photos courtesy of MBS Photography and Robert Lipscomb Photography