Rocktown Rollers's Fan Box

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's all coming up orange and green

Spring is nearly here, green shoots are starting to poke their heads through the ground and Rocktown is training hard and planning great things for you all.

With another great bout coming up this weekend against the Chemical Valley Roller Girls Rocktown has lined up a great half time show featuring a local Irish dance group, Carle Irish Dance Virginia.  What could be more perfect with St Patrick's Day right around the corner?!

And if you look closely, you will notice a familiar face among the ladies that will be jigging their way across the floor.  ::cough cough::Nitrous Knockside::cough cough::

And if simply having another bout so near isn't enough, we have ANOTHER great thing for everyone!  New merch items!  Make sure you swing by the merch table on Sunday to check out our new stuff.

We will also have the amazing ladies (and gents) of The Warrior Women Relay for Life team there telling you a little more about what all they do and their part in The Relay for Life and how you can help or get involved.

For any questions on how to become our half-time entertainment, be a part of RTR (we love everyone, not just skaters!) or to be listed as one of our amazing sponsors please email and we will get you connected with the right people!

See you all Sunday!