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Saturday, November 14, 2009

RockTown Rollers vs. Charlottesville Derby Dames: Bout Review

A little behind on schedule for posting, but at least it is up! We are trying to get back to weekly post. So, with out further delay..

Harrisonburg, VA – On Sunday, October 18th the RockTown Rollers hosted the Charlottesville Derby Dames (CDD), in a rematch bout, at Funky’s Skate Center. The Rocktown Rollers and CDD had bouted each other earlier in the season on April 22nd, this time around it was an intense rematch, but teams were extremely excited to play each other once again, with a final score of 92 to 74, Rocktown held off the Dames once more.

With approximately 350 enthusiastic fans, many new faces and many returning Rocktown fans, both teams started off the line with speed and hard hitting! Betty Crasher and B-One Bomber faced off, Betty and Rocktown start on a 4-0 lead in the first jam. Xena Whompher and SparKills lined up for jam two and the Dames answered with a 4-0 jam. In jam three first time jammer Nilla WasteHer on the Dames out ran Rocktown’s KILLnitzki with a 5-1 jam. The first half was a battle back and forth between the Dames and Rocktown, jam eleven, KILLnitzki and Nilla WasteHer faced off once more, with KILLnitzki scoring 5-3 for Rocktown. At the end of the first half, Rocktown held the lead at 47-20.

The second half opened with even more energy, speed and excitement! B-One Bomber for the Dames lined up against Rocktown’s Bam Bam Brawler taking a 4-0 lead in the first jam. Jams two through five saw both teams battling back and forth putting points on the board for both teams. Jam six B-One Bomber scored a 10-0 jam on Rocktown! Immediately following in jam seven Rocktown’s Betty Crasher answered back with a 12-0 jam. The intensity continued to the last whistle blast of the bout, finishing with Rocktown Rollers 92 and the Charlottesville Derby Dames 74.

Also skating for the Rocktown Rollers: Snakelegs, Super Charger, Knasty Knitter, Janna-cide, Grim Nemesis, Ramsey McDirtbag. Afro-Die-T and Vitamin V. Rounding out the Charlottesville Derby Dames’ lineup were: Bruta Liza, Mad Mountin’ Mama, Violet Renegade, Dyslexi, Amberetta, Little Miss Pissed, Miss Teaza, and Kitten Vicious.
Both teams skated 184 laps with 17 jams in the first half and 15 jams in the second half. The average jam time was 1:17. in the first period and 1:30 for the second period. The highest-scoring single jams were skated by Betty Crasher with 12 points for Rocktown and B-One Bomber with 10 points for the Dames. B-One Bomber also earned the honors as highest scoring skater, pulling in 37 points (50% of the Dames total score) and scoring an average of 3.4 points per jam. Rocktown’s leader was Xena Whomper, who racked up 36 points (39% of all Rocktown points) and averaging 3.3 points per jam. Overall the Dames scored an average of 2.3 points per jam to the Rocktown Rollers average jam earning 2.9 points. Out of the 32 total jams, the teams kept it tight with Rocktown taking lead jammer in 16 jams. KILLnitzki and Xena Whomper both earned lead jammer status for the Rollers in 19% of all jams, to B-One Bombers’s lead jammer status of 22% for the Dames.

It was an overall clean bout with the referees calling a total of 60 penalties. Rocktown pulled in 25 minor and 7 major penalties, while the Dames were called for a total of 24 minors and 4 majors. The skaters with the highest number of penalties were Rocktown’s Afro-Die-T and KILLnitzki each with 6 total penalties (5 minors, 1 major for Afro-Die-T and 4 minors and 2 majors for KILLnitzki) and the Dames’ Dyslexi and Mad Mountin’ Mama, with 7 penalties each (7 minors for both Mad Mountin’ Mama and Dyslexi). Elbows accounted for the greatest number of penalties called; 47% of all Rocktown Roller penalties and 61% of the Dames penalties.

The Rocktown Rollers and the Charlottesville Derby Dames, played a great bout and welcomed a crowd of approximately 350 people and donated 15% of all ticket sales to the our friend Dwight Brown, for a total donation of $300!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Action Photographer needed!

The Rocktown Rollers are looking for photographers with experience in taking action sport photos. We'd like to have photos taken at practice and at our next home bout on October 17th. If you are interested in helping us out contact the Rocktown Rollers at

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RockTown Rollers vs. Jaded Misfits

RockTown Rollers vs. Jaded Misfits

Harrisonburg, VA – On Saturday, August 22nd the RockTown Rollers hosted the NRV Jaded Misfits, in a rematch bout, at Funky’s Skate Center. The Rocktown Rollers had lost to the Misfits, in Bluefield, WV, in their initial meeting this past March, but this time the Rocktown Rollers defended their home turf, in a tight match, with a final score of 115 to 102.

With approximately 300 enthusiastic fans in attendance, both teams came ready to leave it all out on the track. With the city’s mayor blowing the first whistle, two old rivals, Xena Whomper and Cha Cha Slammer were the first jammers on the line. Rocktown opened up the bout strong, shutting the Misfits out in their first jam 10-0. But the Misfits had a trick or two up their sleeve. With new Misfit jammer, I.M. Pain, in her very first bout taking on Rocktown’s tiny favorite KILLnitzki things were kept tight in a 4-4 jam. The teams continued to trade for lead jammer as Rocktown held a tight lead over the Jaded Misfits. Then, in the eighth jam I.M. Pain broke through Rocktown’s defense and passed KILLnitzki 10-4, bringing the Misfits to within striking distance. At the end of the first half, Rocktown held the lead at 59-47.

The second half opened with the new-found rivalry, I.M. Pain jamming against KILLnitzki. In a hard fought, extremely physical jam I.M. Pain took a four point lead, closing in on Rocktown’s advantage. The battle for points continued as new Rocktown Roller, Bam Bam Brawler, earned a 4-3 lead over Cha Cha Slammer in the very next jam. Two of the next three jams found Rocktown shut out and the Misfits coming to within just a few points. With Rocktown feeling the heat, in jam seven Grim Nemesis muscled her way around the track scoring 5 unmatched points, while the Misfits suffered a saddening event. Two skaters, Free State Bomber and Cha Cha Slammer both suffered injuries. Free State continued to skate in the bout, after being treated by EMTS, while Cha Cha Slammer was sent to the hospital with a sprained vertebrae and pulled neck muscles. A deafening silence fell among the crowd and skaters alike, waiting for Cha Cha to be wheeled from the rink. With a tight fist, Cha Cha raised her hand to everyone cheering her name and the crowd went wild. Despite the injuries, both teams continued to battle for crucial points. In the end, Rocktown’s Bam Bam Brawler scored 4-0 over the Misfits’ ¼ Pounder, finishing the bout with Rocktown 115 to the Jaded Misfits’ 102.

Also skating for the Rocktown Rollers: Jannacide, Six5onSkates, The Negotiator, Ramsey McDirtbag, Betty Crasher, Vitamin V, Scarrs & Barrs, Super Charger, Demabrat and Knasty Knitter. Rounding out the Jaded Misfits lineup were: Bad Apple JamN, Fishnet Starlet, House of Tear-Her, KitKat Kalamity, Seam Ripper, Carmeliscious, Final Destination, Slingin Gritz, Speed Junkie, and Miniature PincHer.

Both teams skated 148 laps with 16 jams in each half. The average jam time was 1:15. The highest-scoring single jams were skated by I.M. Pain with 12 points for NRV and Xena Whomper with 10 points for Rocktown. I.M. Pain also earned the honors as highest scoring skater, pulling in 58 points (57% of the Misfits total score) and scoring an average of 5.3 points per jam. Rocktown’s leader was Xena Whomper, who racked up 45 points (39% of all Rocktown points) and averaging 5 points per jam. Overall the Jaded Misfits scored an average of 3.2 points per jam to the Rocktown Rollers average jam earning 3.6 points. Out of the 32 total jams, the teams kept it tight with NRV taking lead jammer in 17 jams. KILLnitzki and Xena Whomper both earned lead jammer status for the Rollers in 13% of all jams, to I.M. Pain’s lead jammer status of 25% for the Misfits.

It was a hard-found bout with the referees calling a total of 87 penalties. Rocktown pulled in 38 minor and 8 major penalties, while the Jaded Misfits were called for a total of 34 minors and 7 majors. The skaters with the highest number of penalties were Rocktown’s Betty Crasher with 14 total penalties (13 minors, 1 major) and the Misfits’ Bad Apple JamN and Free State Bomber, with 8 penalties each. Elbows accounted for the greatest number of penalties called; 33% of all Rocktown Roller penalties and 41% of Jaded Misfit penalties.

The Rocktown Rollers welcomed a crowd of approximately 280 people and donated 15% of all ticket sales to the Rockingham/Harrisonburg SPCA, for a total donation of $300!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocktown Rollers Have Been Busy!

It has been a while since I had a chance to post. Me and the team have been busy with Derby! On the 4th of July we marched in the parade and won best marchers (even with a few girls on skates!)

July12th we had a bout with the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens in Hagerstown MD. The Vixens were a great group girls! We unfortunately lost to them 64 to 167. It was a good bout over all and not matter what we all had a great time!

On July 25th we hosted the Punk Rock Prom at the Artful Dodger! We were able to raise $300 for the Valley AIDS network!

And finally, this past Sunday, we traveled again to the north to bout the Harrisburg Area Roller Derby (H.A.R.D) Fallout Femmes. Talk about hard core roller derby action! Every single girl from both teams played as hard as they could! The energy was non-stop! Speed was amazing! Hits were brutal! At the end of the first period the score was neck and neck RTR 60 and FF 68!

During the second half the action got even more intense! Our jammers committed a few major penalties and were sitted in the box, costing chances for points while the Fallout Femmes's jammer snuck by our blockers. But our girls never gave up and kept giving thier all! It was no easy task for the Femmes. But in the end the Femmes won it, 168 to 115. Truly an exciting bout.

Our next bout will be at home! Aug 22nd against the New River Valley Jaded Misfists! This will be round two for the us Rocktown Rollers playing against the Misfits! we last bouted them in March, and the girls are pumped to play them again!

Tickets are on sale from local derby girls or at the Artful Dodger or online. Click the image below to purchase tickets online!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shake 'n Bake! What a Bout!

Thank you to everyone that came out to see our second home bout. It was an exciting one! We had 311 fans come see us. We were able to raise nearly $250 to donate to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank as well as several canned items.

We had the wonderful chance to take the RockTown Rollers, and mix them all up with other local teams, the Charlottesville Derby Dames and the Hill City Derby Dollz! We even had two guest bench coaches, Demalisha Durga from the Richmond Derby Demons and Groper Cleavage from the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens.

We mixed everyone up and drew names out of a hat to make, the Beefcake Betties and the Porkchop Patties. Take about two amazing teams!

From the start it was non-stop derby action!! Mr. Kia Degner, the mayor of the city, blew the first whistle blast to start to the bout. Music pumped over the loud speakers, the crowd cheered, the girls flew around the track.

Intense hits, nasty falls, and excitement like no other, the Betties and the Patties were neck and neck through out the whole bout! In the last jam the Patties lost thier jammer, Betty Crasher, due to a major penalty and the Betties's jammer Matilda Moslish ran unopposed bringing the Beefcake Betties to the win with 147 to 128!

MVP went to Betty Crasher on the Porkchop Patties and Scarrs & Bars on the Beefcake Betties.

Betty Crasher #6ft

Scarrs & Bars #311

Our next bout will be in Hagerstown MD, against our good friends the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens! Take a nice drive up and come see us in Maryland.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dirty Car? Try Derby Girl Power!

This Saturday, after a fun night at the Dodger, we'll be having a car wash!

At the Exxon on Cantrell and Market Street, you'll see us with sponges, soap and sham-wows ready to clean your car!

We'll be there from 10am-2pm! Come out and support your local roller derby girls!

Derby Night at the Dodger

It is that time again, to have a drink and chat with your
local Roller Derby Girls!

Scarrs & Bars at our last Derby Night at the Dodger!

We are trying to, once a month on the last Friday, have Derby Night at the Dodger.

If you don't know where the Dodger is by now, it is on Court Square in Downtown Harrisonburg on the corner next to the Court.

All the Ladies, veteran skaters and Freshmeat will be out there relaxing and chatting about derby with everyone. We even have our own beer now!!! RockTown Rollers Golden Ale. $1 for a pint! It is awesome!

Aside from the great drink special, we'll be selling pre-sale tickets that night too! $5 to get a ticket for the June 20th inter-league bout.

See you there!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

RockTown Rollers on TV3!

On May 14th the RockTown Rollers had out first tv apperance!

If you missed it on the 11pm news, go to TV3 website,,
and scroll down to WHSV videos on the left side of the page, there you will find a link for News@11 (May 14, 2009)!

Since the bout, the news article and the tv spot, we've had nearly 11 new girls try out! We are starting to reach our goal of 28 skaters, but we still need a few more.

This Sunday a small handful of your local RockTown Rollers will be traveling back to Bluefield WV to help the Charlottesville Derby Dames fill in a few spots on the roster in thier bout againt the NRV Jaded Misfits!

Want the Chance to meet some of the Derby Girls off the Track?!?

Come have a drink with us During Derby Night at the Dodger, 9pm at the Artful Dodger we'll be there in uniform having a fun time on May 29th!

Get your car washed! Thats right May 30th at the Exxon on the corner of Cantrell and Martket Street we'll be out there with soap and suds! 11am to 2pm! Meet your local derby girls and get a clean car too!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

RockTown Rollers Win First Home Bout!

That is right ladies and gents! If you were not there or did not see us in the RockTown Weekly your local all women's flat track roller derby team won!

The photo above was taken by Pete Marovich with the DNR, you can see more awesome photos by clicking here!

To re-cap the bout: this was our first ever home bout and our second bout ever since we began this derby team in Feb '08. The wonderful ladies from the Charlottesville Derby Dames joined us in out "Spring Fling".

At 2pm a few of us arrived at Funky's Skate Center to start moving tables and hanging posters, etc. After open skate session ended at 4pm, the excitement began! The track we roped and taped in 20mins, Charlottesville Dames began warming up, RockTown Rollers began finalizing details in the rink. 4:30 the doors opened!

We had 520 people attend our first home bout! And on top of that with the overwhelming support of YOU - our fans- we were able to raise $500+ for Relay for Life! The crowd was excited, the girls were excited! The Rocktown Rollers stepped on to the track with a heavy re-mix of "We Will Rock You" by Scum Of the Earth, it was non stop action from there!

The final score, RockTown Rollers 105 - Charlottesville Derby Dames 88. It was a close and exciting bout!

If you missed this one, do not panic! We will be having an inter-league bout on June 20th. What is that some may ask? An inter-league bout is a mixer of sorts, we will be taking ladies from 3 teams; RockTown Rollers, Charlottesville Derby Dames and the Hill City Derby Dollz and mix them all up on different teams! A fun twist on derby and a lot of excitement!

Stay up to date with our events, such as Derby Night at the Dodger, where you can have a drink and chat with your local Derby girls at the Artful Dodger, visit our website and look at the calender.

Again, thank you to all the fans and to all the folks that help us have an awesome first bout! We could not have done it with out your support!

The above photo was taken by Nathan Combs

The Team Photo above was taken by Brandy Somers at our after-party at the Artful Dodger!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Bout Time!

That is right fans and readers!

Our first home bout against the Charlottesville Derby Dames is only a few days away!

We are nearly maxed out at our 400 pre-sale tickets! AMAZING! The Dames will be bringing folks with them as well, we are going to pack Funky's Skate center! Bring a folding chair, be ready to shout and get ready to see some great Roller Derby Action!

This being our first home bout has been a major production. I can not say enough, to you all reading, how much we that Funky's, the Stauton Speed Skating Club, our sponsors, friends and all the voluneeters helping us put this together.

Thank you all!

And this is just the start! Roller Derby is growing like wild fire across the nation, and is a solid grassroots sport. We hope to bring more excitment and community networking to the 'burg with roller derby!

It has been a bust month, and I have not posted as often as I should be. But, in May we are taking a breather (so to speak) and will be working on everything from admin paper work to skating, skating and more skating.

Here is a list of our up coming events (again, it does change some times)

May 8-9th: Relay for Life Walk

May 17th: Inter-league Bout with Star City Roller Girls (Roanoke)

May 30th: Car wash! Get your car sparkly clean by your local derby girls!

June 20th: Inter-league bout with Hill City Derby Dollz and Charlotesville Derby Dames (home bout)

July 12th: RTR vs Mason Dixon Roller Vixens (Hagerstown MD) It is a short drive!

August 22nd: RTR vs Jaded Misfits (home bout)

September 27th: RTR vs NRV Roller Girls (Christiansburg VA)

And Finally, remember that this Friday at the Dodger (april 24th) is Derby Night at that Dodger! The Ladies will be out in uniform selling of the last few pre-sales! Get em now or get stuck buying tickets at the door!

Skate on h'burg!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The RockTown Rollers Need You!

With our up coming bout on the 26th of April, we are donating 10% of all ticket sales to Relay for Life! Help us help the community!

Also, we are looking for local supports/sponsors to be placed in our bout program. Below is information about our ad packages we offer.

The Rocktown Rollers are hosting their first home bout April 26, 2009 at Funky’s Skate Center in Harrisonburg, VA. The ladies of the rink are currently accepting advertisements to be placed in the pamphlet that is handed to every person who walks through the door. We are expecting no less than 200 patrons to attend this monumental event! That is 200+ local citizens reading your advertisement and supporting your affiliation.

Special Thanks To:
$25 Minimum

Your name and/or affiliation will be included in the Thank You section and you will receive 2 tickets to the home bout you are sponsoring.

Half Page Black and White Ad 5” x 4”

Includes half page black and white ad, two tickets to the home bout you are sponsoring, and your name/affiliation included in the Thank You section.

Full Page Black and White Ad 5” x 8”

Includes full page black and white ad, two tickets to the home bout you are sponsoring, and your name/affiliation included in the Thank You section.

Half Page Color Ad 5” x 4”

Includes half page color ad, two tickets to the home bout you are sponsoring, and your name/affiliation included in the Thank You section

Full Page Color Ad 5” x 8”

Includes full page color ad, two tickets to the home bout you are sponsoring, and your name/affiliation included in the Thank You section

Have a different idea to advertise your affiliation? We welcome the opportunity to create a custom sponsorship, donation, and/or advertisement package. Tell us your thoughts, and will go from there!
To take advantage of the introductory price, custom advertisement, or more information contact:

Nicole Schumacher "The Negotiator" -or- Carissa Cox "Babe-ilon"
540-383-9184 540-830-0041

Dead Line for April 26th bout is April 18th
Rocktown Rollers are not responsible for creating or designing any advertisement. It is the affiliations’ responsibility to provide the design to advertise by April 18, 2009. Rocktown Rollers has the right to accept or deny any affiliation that best suites the team with or without specific reason. It is the affiliations’ responsibility to discuss specific requirements with the sponsorship committee prior to submission.

Spring is in the air! Time for a Spring Fling!

That is right H'burg, spring is here and it is time for a roller derby bout!

You local RockTown Rollers have been training hard since their first bout against the Jaded Misfits in Bluefield WV.

We have had a few new "freshmeats" join the team since then, and we are training them as fast as we can to get them derby ready! Ladies, interested in joining, we welcome ladies of all types and experience to come try out for the RockTown Rollers. Talk with one of your local derby girls about the training they do. If you want a copy of our freshmeat guide, email us at

We are very excited about skating against the Charlottesville Derby Dames! They are a great group of ladies!

We are now selling pre-sale Tickets for $5!
It is cheaper and more exciting to watch Roller Derby then going to the movies!

You can buy tickets from your local derby girl, or go to Funky's Skate Center or the Artful Dodger to pick them up, or just email us at and we can get you tickets!

Also, ask your derby girl about a season pass! They sell for $10 and will get you into all three up coming home bouts!

April 26th: RockTown Rollers vs Charlottesville Derby Dames

June 20th: RockTown Rollers vs New River Valley Roller Girls

August 22th: RockTown Rollers vs Green Valley Jaded Misfits

See you on the Track!


Head Coach

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Roller Derby Bout EVER!

Well folks, it was AWESOME!

I must say that our first ever bout against the Jaded Misfits in Bluefield WV was a great experience!

We skated against several well seasoned skaters, and in the choas and excitment we made a few mistakes here and there.

The final result, JM 162 to RTR 58.

Personally, I feel this is a win for the girls! To see them skate the way they did in thier first bout against seasoned skaters, they did one heck if a great job!

Practice has geared up, we have 4 new ladies that we are working on training as well!

We have our first HOME bout on April 26th against the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Both teams are new and fresh and it will be a great event to see some derby action!

Keep posted to see photos of the JM vs RTR bout, once they are all in we'll have them on the site and a few here as well!

Questions about roller derby? Ask us! We will keep you posted on local derby events in the 'burg and with regional events as well!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smile and say "Derby!"

Finally we got all of our head shots done! Thanks to Jessie Shipe, a photographer and student at JMU, she got all the ladies to hold still for a moment and snap a few shots!

Now, with 15 girls and a few refs, that is way too many photos to upload to a blog. We are working on getting them up loaded to the website over the next few days. Until then, just click on the image of Jannacide, the team captain, above and you can view all the photos on Flickr!

Scrimmage with SCRG and CDD

Nearly 30 roller derby girls skating all at once, what is a coach suppose to do...


Last Sunday, at Funky's Family Skate Center the wonderful ladies of both the Star City Roller Girls and the Charlottesville Derby Dames came to our rink for an all out round-robin scrimmage.

Each team skated two jams then rested one. Talk about some intense derby action. Having skated with both teams before it was great seeing how much everyones skill level has improved. Star City has been together a little over 2 years now, and they have been a great source of help and inspiration to us. But, CDD and us gave them a good challenge! CDD has grown as a team as well! Appluased to you ladies! For not having a rink to skate in, they are training hard and skating with great skills and teamwork!

We are now a little over a year in our formation of the RockTownRollers. We currently have 13 skaters ready to go for bout season, and 4 freshmeat in training right now! We hope to have 2 of older skaters join us in June to give a total of 19 lean mean derby skate'n ladies!

We will try to keep you up to date with teams like SCRG, but you can follow thier calander as well, click thier logo below to view thier MySpace and calander.

CORRECTION: SCRG will be bouting Little City Roller Girls (LCRG) in Jonhson City TN this Saturday, February 28th!!

CDD and us will be having our first bout, here in Harrisonburg on April 26th! Mark your calendars! Derby is in the 'Burg!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The First Season of Bouts

UPDATE 2/3/09

This February is a year in the making for the team. It has been a great experience and now we are ready to start bouting!

Here is a quick run down of events:

March 15th
RockTownRollers vs Jaded Misfits (away in Bluefield WVa)

April 26th
RockTownRollers vs Charlottesville Derby Dames (home)

No bouts (this may change)

June 20th
Tenative bout with New River Valley RollerGirls (home)

July 12th
Tenative bout with Mason Dixen Roller Vixens (away in Hagerstown MA)

August 22nd
RockTownRollers va Jaded Misfits ROUND 2 (home)

September 27th
Tenative bout with New River Valley RollerGirls (away in NRV)

We are always trying to fill out our schedule. Keep an eye on the calendar to see what we have lined up. We will have flyers and ads all over the place to let you know when events will happen!

With bouts coming up we are always in need of a few helping hands. We will need people to help with stats, security and a few other things. If you are interested in helping email us at

Also, we are trying to work on an email list. If you are intrested in signing up, send a message to and we'll make sure we send you info on up coming derby events.

Harrisonburg? Rocktown? Which is it?

Talking with some derby girls in our travels, and even locals in town, they have asked "Why are you the RockTownRollers? You live in Harrisonburg?"

Well, Harrisonburg, use to be called Rocktown. A few years back the Daily News Record, our local paper, started a weekly publication that targeted the downtown area and the youth culture of the city, they call it The Rocktown Weekly.

So, when the time came to get a Derby name, RockTownRollers just had a ring to it. Simple.

Here is a link to the City's page with a little more history for those that want to know!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real Roller Derby, Not that TV Fluff!

Relaxing at home tonight, I saw on Spike TV there was a CSI: New York marathon on, and one episode was about ROLLER DERBY!

Now, within the first 2 minutes I saw some "good skating" and a lot of DONT'S of Derby.

First off, on CSI the girls were skating on a bank track, we skate flat track. For us any normal roller rink or concrete floor will work. Banked track is still very popular though.

I don't follow bank track, nor know the rules, but if you want to see the rules of banked track click below to view the Bay City Bomber's page:

The RockTownRollers, and most teams follow Women's Flat Track Derby Association rules, WFTDA for short. Click the WFTDA logo below to view our rules.

So, back to the show, here are things that we do differently then is seen on tv:
1. First off all skaters wear mouth guards: safety first!
2. NO back blocking, pushing another skater from behind.
3. NO clotheslines! we do not use any part of the arm below the elbow to block.
4. Nor do we swing arms with elbows leading to block.
5. NO FIGHTING!! It is roller derby not street fighting!
Even though roller derby looks rough, we train hard to play fair and by rules. Will a fight happen? It could, and then those players will be removed from the bout. We are serious about our sports as any other athlete is about theirs.
Roller derby has come along way since its start in th 1920's. Below is a link the Wikipedia article,
Enjoy. Come see us on the track, email us with questions!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Derby Derby Derby!

It has been TOO long since we have posted anything! We've been busy!

1/18/09 To start the month off right, we had our first ever Meet & Greet in house scrimmage! A private invite event for friends and family to see what these ladies are all about. A 100 invites were given out, and arounf 80 of them came to watch! We would like to that all of our friends and families for thier support in helping us get to were we are and to get were we plan to go.

We'd like give a big thanks to Funky's family skate center for being our second home, and to the Artful Dodger for printing the invites and serving us good food and drinks! Do help us by helping our sponsors!

1/24/09 Some of went to DC to see the DC Roller Girls Expo Bout, very exciting, 2000 fans came out to show some derby love.

Click the Image to visit the DC Roller Girls page, love those ladies.

1/25/09 Some others of us went to Raleigh NC to see the Carolina Roller Girls vs Naptown Tornado Sirens -and- the Carolina Boot Leggers vs The Dutchland Derby Rollers for an action pack double header!
Click there to visit the Carolina Roller Girls's page:

We, meaning me, are working on keeping the readers, meaning you, up to date with everything Derby. We will try to get new post up here every weekend, about events with us, other teams, and anything derby related!
Questions or comments? Let us know!
Head coach of RTR