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Saturday, May 16, 2009

RockTown Rollers on TV3!

On May 14th the RockTown Rollers had out first tv apperance!

If you missed it on the 11pm news, go to TV3 website,,
and scroll down to WHSV videos on the left side of the page, there you will find a link for News@11 (May 14, 2009)!

Since the bout, the news article and the tv spot, we've had nearly 11 new girls try out! We are starting to reach our goal of 28 skaters, but we still need a few more.

This Sunday a small handful of your local RockTown Rollers will be traveling back to Bluefield WV to help the Charlottesville Derby Dames fill in a few spots on the roster in thier bout againt the NRV Jaded Misfits!

Want the Chance to meet some of the Derby Girls off the Track?!?

Come have a drink with us During Derby Night at the Dodger, 9pm at the Artful Dodger we'll be there in uniform having a fun time on May 29th!

Get your car washed! Thats right May 30th at the Exxon on the corner of Cantrell and Martket Street we'll be out there with soap and suds! 11am to 2pm! Meet your local derby girls and get a clean car too!!

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