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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Exciting news!

Well hey there strangers, it's been a while, huh?

Lots of things have been going on since we talked last.  We've traveled to South Carolina and played, traveled to southern Virginia to play a Tennessee team.  We've skated in the Fourth of July parade in downtown Harrisonburg, hanging out and talking with old and new fans and are in the works of planning lots of great new things for you guys!!!

First you can catch some of your favorite derby girls around downtown on August 23rd for the Block Party in the Burg event!  We will have a table set up with all sorts of great info and things for everyone as well as ladies rolling around all over the place.  Let's have a flashback "Where's Waldo?" moment and play "Where's the Derby Girl?" that night.  Who knows, let the right derby girl know you've spotted them and come over for a chat and you could win something fun!

Next is a great opportunity to catch all day roller derby action.  On August 30th Rocktown is participating in VA is For Shovers at Augusta Expo Land in Fishersville; we will be competing both as a team and individually in bouts.  There is guaranteed to be lots of excitement and something for everyone this day so be sure to come out.

Then on September 7th the Rollers will be back in our home rink at Funky's for a fun and exciting bout against Free State Roller Derby and we have plenty of things coming your way for this one.  Some of the amazing performers from Rhinestone Productions will be there to give us an amazing half time show and Rocktown is planning to spice this all up further with an exciting 80's theme!  So get your hair teased, your leg warmers ready, your Jem face paint on and get ready for an exciting event as we finally come back home!

P.S~ this isn't the only exciting news coming your way, so stay tuned for more exciting things to come!

*Jem picture from
top Rocktown picture taken by Joseph Fitzgerald
parade photo by Brandy Somers
80's girl pic from