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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smile and say "Derby!"

Finally we got all of our head shots done! Thanks to Jessie Shipe, a photographer and student at JMU, she got all the ladies to hold still for a moment and snap a few shots!

Now, with 15 girls and a few refs, that is way too many photos to upload to a blog. We are working on getting them up loaded to the website over the next few days. Until then, just click on the image of Jannacide, the team captain, above and you can view all the photos on Flickr!

Scrimmage with SCRG and CDD

Nearly 30 roller derby girls skating all at once, what is a coach suppose to do...


Last Sunday, at Funky's Family Skate Center the wonderful ladies of both the Star City Roller Girls and the Charlottesville Derby Dames came to our rink for an all out round-robin scrimmage.

Each team skated two jams then rested one. Talk about some intense derby action. Having skated with both teams before it was great seeing how much everyones skill level has improved. Star City has been together a little over 2 years now, and they have been a great source of help and inspiration to us. But, CDD and us gave them a good challenge! CDD has grown as a team as well! Appluased to you ladies! For not having a rink to skate in, they are training hard and skating with great skills and teamwork!

We are now a little over a year in our formation of the RockTownRollers. We currently have 13 skaters ready to go for bout season, and 4 freshmeat in training right now! We hope to have 2 of older skaters join us in June to give a total of 19 lean mean derby skate'n ladies!

We will try to keep you up to date with teams like SCRG, but you can follow thier calander as well, click thier logo below to view thier MySpace and calander.

CORRECTION: SCRG will be bouting Little City Roller Girls (LCRG) in Jonhson City TN this Saturday, February 28th!!

CDD and us will be having our first bout, here in Harrisonburg on April 26th! Mark your calendars! Derby is in the 'Burg!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The First Season of Bouts

UPDATE 2/3/09

This February is a year in the making for the team. It has been a great experience and now we are ready to start bouting!

Here is a quick run down of events:

March 15th
RockTownRollers vs Jaded Misfits (away in Bluefield WVa)

April 26th
RockTownRollers vs Charlottesville Derby Dames (home)

No bouts (this may change)

June 20th
Tenative bout with New River Valley RollerGirls (home)

July 12th
Tenative bout with Mason Dixen Roller Vixens (away in Hagerstown MA)

August 22nd
RockTownRollers va Jaded Misfits ROUND 2 (home)

September 27th
Tenative bout with New River Valley RollerGirls (away in NRV)

We are always trying to fill out our schedule. Keep an eye on the calendar to see what we have lined up. We will have flyers and ads all over the place to let you know when events will happen!

With bouts coming up we are always in need of a few helping hands. We will need people to help with stats, security and a few other things. If you are interested in helping email us at

Also, we are trying to work on an email list. If you are intrested in signing up, send a message to and we'll make sure we send you info on up coming derby events.

Harrisonburg? Rocktown? Which is it?

Talking with some derby girls in our travels, and even locals in town, they have asked "Why are you the RockTownRollers? You live in Harrisonburg?"

Well, Harrisonburg, use to be called Rocktown. A few years back the Daily News Record, our local paper, started a weekly publication that targeted the downtown area and the youth culture of the city, they call it The Rocktown Weekly.

So, when the time came to get a Derby name, RockTownRollers just had a ring to it. Simple.

Here is a link to the City's page with a little more history for those that want to know!