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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is in the air! Time for a Spring Fling!

That is right H'burg, spring is here and it is time for a roller derby bout!

You local RockTown Rollers have been training hard since their first bout against the Jaded Misfits in Bluefield WV.

We have had a few new "freshmeats" join the team since then, and we are training them as fast as we can to get them derby ready! Ladies, interested in joining, we welcome ladies of all types and experience to come try out for the RockTown Rollers. Talk with one of your local derby girls about the training they do. If you want a copy of our freshmeat guide, email us at

We are very excited about skating against the Charlottesville Derby Dames! They are a great group of ladies!

We are now selling pre-sale Tickets for $5!
It is cheaper and more exciting to watch Roller Derby then going to the movies!

You can buy tickets from your local derby girl, or go to Funky's Skate Center or the Artful Dodger to pick them up, or just email us at and we can get you tickets!

Also, ask your derby girl about a season pass! They sell for $10 and will get you into all three up coming home bouts!

April 26th: RockTown Rollers vs Charlottesville Derby Dames

June 20th: RockTown Rollers vs New River Valley Roller Girls

August 22th: RockTown Rollers vs Green Valley Jaded Misfits

See you on the Track!


Head Coach

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