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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Bout Time!

That is right fans and readers!

Our first home bout against the Charlottesville Derby Dames is only a few days away!

We are nearly maxed out at our 400 pre-sale tickets! AMAZING! The Dames will be bringing folks with them as well, we are going to pack Funky's Skate center! Bring a folding chair, be ready to shout and get ready to see some great Roller Derby Action!

This being our first home bout has been a major production. I can not say enough, to you all reading, how much we that Funky's, the Stauton Speed Skating Club, our sponsors, friends and all the voluneeters helping us put this together.

Thank you all!

And this is just the start! Roller Derby is growing like wild fire across the nation, and is a solid grassroots sport. We hope to bring more excitment and community networking to the 'burg with roller derby!

It has been a bust month, and I have not posted as often as I should be. But, in May we are taking a breather (so to speak) and will be working on everything from admin paper work to skating, skating and more skating.

Here is a list of our up coming events (again, it does change some times)

May 8-9th: Relay for Life Walk

May 17th: Inter-league Bout with Star City Roller Girls (Roanoke)

May 30th: Car wash! Get your car sparkly clean by your local derby girls!

June 20th: Inter-league bout with Hill City Derby Dollz and Charlotesville Derby Dames (home bout)

July 12th: RTR vs Mason Dixon Roller Vixens (Hagerstown MD) It is a short drive!

August 22nd: RTR vs Jaded Misfits (home bout)

September 27th: RTR vs NRV Roller Girls (Christiansburg VA)

And Finally, remember that this Friday at the Dodger (april 24th) is Derby Night at that Dodger! The Ladies will be out in uniform selling of the last few pre-sales! Get em now or get stuck buying tickets at the door!

Skate on h'burg!

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