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Monday, November 4, 2013

Derby One-Oh-What??

So, you’ve been seeing the posts about all the awesome roller derby stuff going around and seen the 101 events on facebook and wondered if it is something that you should check out.  First, YES!  You
should most definitely come and check it out!  I don’t care, be there, your only excuse is if you aren’t 18, otherwise be there!  And actually, even if you aren't 18, we still want you!  You can't skate yet, but we can make you the new baby of our family and have you fully a part of us and doing great things with us, so when you do skate you will already be so integrated into Rocktown that skating will be just a natural progression.                              

For our Derby 101 nights we have so much fun!  And both our 101’ers and our most seasoned vets enjoy these nights.  So no matter your skill level with derby or even just skating level in general you should come and check it out. 

During any given 101 event we work on footwork drills, simple falls, and stops {because no, slamming into the wall is not a legitimate stopping technique.}   We also spend some time skating around together, working on technique and skating in a pace line.  And pace lines are fun, after all, like Rosie said “It’s just like playing Follow the Leader, only more violently.”  Who can argue with that?!

Our 101’ers have gotten to experience something with us that was a first time for everyone, RTR included.  We played sock derby.  Talk about fun!  It was such a great way to play derby, and not just have the team on the track while the 101’s watched us but to have all of us playing together.  So the skates came off, the pennies came out and helmet covers went on.  Then we all hit the track. 

We’ve all seen in person and in pictures how much fun Rocktown has when we play.  We are smiling and dancing and goofing off on the line waiting for the five second call.  Well, 101’ers got to play with us and experience all of that awesomeness.

Here is one of the best things about Rocktown and roller derby in general.  We can offer a home for anyone who wants to be a part of this great sport.  We have skaters and refs and volunteers who help on and off the track.  And us derby girls, we come in all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life! When we say that we can offer you a spot with Rocktown, we mean it!  

So on November 10th come and check out our final home bout of the season and then come back to Funky's on November 12th and get to know the team a little better and experience a derby 101 for yourself.

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