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Thursday, October 24, 2013

She's an Up and Coming Meat Locker!!!

Derby Name:  Hannibal Wrecked'er

Derby Number:  9

How did you choose your name and number: 
I studied and fell in love with psychology in college, and I've been an avid reader and story listener for as long as I can remember (Thomas Harris is a favored author,) and I love Anthony Hopkins films.  The number is nine because the infamous Hannibal the Cannibal was Hannibal Lector VIII, so being ninth in line made sense.

When did you join derby:
Spring of 2013, so not too long ago.

Favorite derby memory:
My favorite derby memory so far is playing sock derby.  We played it at our first Derby 101 event with the new ladies.  It was beyond silly but so much fun!

How has derby positively effected you:
I know other people have mentioned that it's great for their confidence, and fitness - and I definitely agree with both points.  For me how I explain the effect derby has had on me has to do with breaking through my own walls.  Six months ago I could hardly stand on quad skates, but now I'm scrimmaging in practices.  Derby helps me prove to myself every day that i can do so much more than I ever thought possible, and I love every minute =)

Favorite quote:
"Judge if you want.  We are all going to die.  I intend to deserve it." -

Anything else we should know:
My great crazy dream is to get my doctorate and technically be Dr. Hannibal Wrecked'er because I'm passionate about being completely ridiculous.
*Hannibal has a hedgehog!
Who could argue with that?!

*all photos swiped for Hannibal's and Rocktown's fb pages

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