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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Derby Name: Long story, Vitamin V to Problem Child to a.k.a V

Derby Number: 101

How did you choose your name and number: 
Soon after I had finished my minimum skills, Troch literally sent me a message to say that if I didn't give him my derby name in like five minutes that I was not going to be able to play in the upcoming game.  I was about to take a shower and so with a bottle of Pantene-Pro V shampoo in hand the identity Vitamin V was born.  With such rush I never felt quite settled into it... it never felt quite tough enough so I eventually changed to Problem Child, but it would seem it was too little too late because by that time everyone came to know me as "V" for short so I finally decided not to fight the inevitable and have assumed the name a.k.a V

When did you join derby:
OMG I am terrible with dates... I came to see Rocktown's first home bout (and my first ever as well) and I knew at that moment that it was a match made in derby heaven... I went to the very next practice opportunity and it has been happily ever after since

Favorite derby memory:

RTR vs CDD... final jam... is it over???  No, Troch calls a time out, one more jam... I'm in blocking with everything left in me.  CDD jammer cuts the track, Kilz is jamming her little RTR heart out... She is counting the score as she passes the opposition time and time again, I'm holding blockers back, Killz finally calls it off and RTR wins!!  I almost had an asthma attack, but instead broke into tears.  This was quite possibly the best feeling ever and will forever be hard to beat.  It felt so great to win and be part of such awesome fellow RTR gals and guys.

How has derby positively effected you:
I am definitely more physically fit, but the love and support that I have received through the good times and bad has been irreplaceable.  This
league of folks has become my family and opened my eyes to so many new things beyond derby that I can not imagine my life without.

Favorite quote:
"Be the change you want to see in the world," can't remember who said it first, but have loved it ever since Roxy shared her tattoo with me of it.

Anything else we should know:
I am a cupcake master... or should I say I aspire to be a cupcake master and I sometimes use unsuspecting souls as my new recipe guinea pigs... hehehehe

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