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Friday, August 29, 2008

In the Beginning

We finally brought Roller Derby to Harrisonburg, VA.

Without going in to great depth of our history and what not right now, the main thing we would like to do with this blog is share with you all what we are doing. The Negoiator, ouot Director of Sponsorships, write a "Derby Talk" every week or so to share with every one on the team what has happened and what is up coming. Between her and I, well be posting that to share with you, and other things as they pop up.

We will in the future post how we started (for people that missed that article in the Daily Newsrecord). We'll post general roller derby news and events. And pretty much anything we do.

Hope we can make this enjoyable for folks and informative as well for those that like to stay up to date with what the RockTownRollers Derby Girls are up to!

Again, we always like to thanks everyone that has helped us along the way, we still have a ways to go yet.

Thanks and take care!

Head Coach & Director of Training

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