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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bye-bye Derby Girl

Ever wonder why they call them "fond farewells"? I mean, I guess you could fondly remember parting with someone who was totally lame, but Rocktown just lost three of its Rollers (two for the summer and one for the forseen future), and it feels like wiping out after a J-block and breaking your tailbone. Or something.

Enough with the melodrama. This post is a chance to say good-bye to three of our teammates, and to hear their messages to us.


RTR: How long were you skating with Rocktown?
NN: I was with Rocktown for about 8 months, from October 2009 to May 2010.
RTR: What position did you play?
NN: I was a freshie for a long time but when scrimmaging with the team I was a blocker. Most commonly B2 or B3.
RTR: When did you leave?
NN: May 2010
RTR: Where are did you go?
NN: I moved back home to Springfield, VA after graduating from JMU
RTR: Will you join another team or continue to skate?
NN: I will definitely continue to skate!!! There's no quitting ever, after starting derby, your life will never be the same. Ever. Especially starting with Rocktown, I was extremely blessed. I'm starting up with the DC Rollergirls and eventually I'm moving to Hawaii and will join Pacific Roller Derby.
RTR: Got a message for the team/fans?


RTR: How long have you been skating with Rocktown?
AS: I began skating with Rocktown October of last year. Thus far I've skated in three bouts.
RTR: What position do you play?
AS: I don't think I've skated long enough to really know where I belong on the track, but I've flirted with all of the positions, and I have a lot of things to work on to be effective in any of them. I'm really looking forward to figuring it all out.
RTR: When did you leave? Where did you go?
AS: I left the 27th of May. I went to Santa Catalina Island, a small desert island off the coast of Southern California. Avalon, the main city, is one square mile, a real tourist destination. I grew up in this small town, and I'm returning to visit my parents, make a little money, and maybe, just maybe, relax.
RTR: Will you practice with another team or continue to skate?
AS: I will do my best to continue to skate while I'm here, because I'm on an island, and a small one to boot, there is no local derby team. I intend to skate on my own as often as possible, and when I'm on the mainland, attempt to join teams there for a night or two.
RTR: When will you be back?
AS: I will be back to see Rocktown's August 29th bout.
RTR: Got a message for the team/fans?
AS: I've really been floored by the amazing caliber of the people I've found in Derby, and that begins with Rocktown. They are a bunch of amazing women, and I hope they kick some serious butt this summer. I hope the fans keep enjoying this awesome sport and continue to show their support.


RTR: How long have you been skating with Rocktown? What's your Freshie tier?
N: 3 weeks, 2 days, Tier 1
RTR: When are you leaving?
N: 2 days :( (That was on May 27.)
RTR: Will you practice with another team or continue to skate?
N: I will pretend Grim Nemesis is yelling directions at me as I exercise so I can beast out her crunches, push ups, and leg lifts.
RTR: When will you be back?
N: 4 weeks before August Trials... Tier 2 will be mine!
RTR: Got a message for the team?
N: Encourage each other, have a laugh, kick some ass!

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