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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Board of Directors!

Rocktown recently elected a new board, which met for the first time last night with its predecessors. Here, let me introduce us to you.

Madam President: Knasty Knitter,

Vice President: Rosie the Retalliator,

Secretary: Mama Meat,

Treasurer: (Yours truly) Mia Feral,

Executive Officer: Vitamin V,

WFTDA Rep: Tarnished Silva,

Head Coach: BamBam Brawler,

Hey, look! It's other leaders and key decision-makers on the team!

Co-Captain: Betty Crasher,

Co-Captain: Ramsey McDirtbag,

Officer of Administration: Rocktimus Prime,

Officer of Games: Nitrous Knockside,

Officer of Marketing: Revenga d'Nerd,

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