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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Wishes

This time of year we hear lots of things from kids everywhere of what they want.  Every commercial on the television brings a new desire and some of them are way more far fetched than practical.  So, with that thought in mind I figured I would make a RTR dream list for Santa.  Some are reasonable, some have already happened since I got these answers and some are as far a reach as my 7 year old's desire to wake up to a pony in the back yard.  But regardless, Santa here is your letter from Rocktown!

                              Dear Santa,
                              Members of Rocktown have these dreams:
                              1) free airfare for life
                              2) immunity to calories and fat in all dairy products
                              3) more time
                              4) peace and happiness for family
                              5) a banked track
                              6) a new car
                              7) cancer remission
                              8) big girl job
                              9) NHL and NHLPA to agree
                            10) weeks vacation to a warm sunny beach without having to drive more than four hours
                              11) new skates

*Wishes 7 & 8 have happened!!!  Let's keep happy thoughts and maybe some of the rest can too!

Happy Holidays From All of Us
to All of You!

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