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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yeah, I know, I'm bringing up that nasty cold white stuff that everyone is talking about since there was even just a small mention of it's coming.  And while it has bumped practices and closed schools we have thankfully found ways to keep entertained.

 Kapwn played in the snow - and yes her snowman is yellow.  But don't worry, it's not really that kind of "yellow snow," being the artistic type she is she went crazy with kool-aid and colored her snow!

Allbie and her family bundled up and played in the snow.

Byte bundled up and got goofy.

Vana and her squeeze went in search of a new pet before going sledding the second day.

Effin made a friend, and brought it home, meet Peepers!  Surely all that cute little fuzziness kept at least Effin's hands warm.

Evilynn faced two of her arch nemeses, the cold and the snow, and built a snowman with the kids, which they later ran over with the car!

Smash and Gatsby put on their coats and braved the cold for a walk.

While Rogue, a new freshmeat and native of Texas, avoided the snow at all costs and stayed indoors spinning yarn and cuddling fireside with kitty.

We hope that all of you stayed at least halfway warm and all the way safe and just remember, 
only one month until our first home bout!!

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