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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Opposite of Dead

No, the Rocktown Rollers did not all die in a crash with a Miley Cyrus tour bus. Actually, it's been a pretty busy season so far; too busy to blog about. Sorry.

first home bout at Funky's Skate Center on April 11 was a victory against Hagerstown's Mason Dixon Roller Vixens (171-84). We had a great turnout; thanks for coming! On April 24, we had another victory against the River City Roller Girls' Uncivil Warriors in Richmond. (153-35) Last Saturday, we won our bout against the Blackwater Roller Girls in Appomattox. (152-103)

(If you were there, you might have noticed a crew of lovely-yet-intimidating ladies decked out in green, black and orange helping out the refs and score keepers. In the past month, Rocktown has been inundated with Fresh Meat, about six total noobs who are realizing this is only the beginning of their derby addictions. Now Rocktown has about 14 Freshies working it at varying skill levels. They're training hard.)

Somewhere in there, we hosted a garage sale at Eff In Aye's, whose neighborhood turns out in bizarre numbers for yard sales. Seriously. There were, like, 10 yard sales per block, and every one swarming. No street to park on. Anyway, we appreciate everyone who came out to buy our old stuff and support the team. With the proceeds, we were able to re-finish the floor at Funky's Skate Center. (If you'll notice, Funky's has done some remodeling, with a new DJ booth and a fancy new bench upholstered with luxurious fluorescent carpet. We had nothing to do with that, but you should consider checking it out on Wednesdays or Fridays, which are open skate nights.)

If you've missed us as much as we've missed you, take the rest of your Memorial Day weekend to make some signs for the Rocktown Rollers. Then bring them to Expoland in Fishersville on Saturday, June 5. The C-ville Derby Dames will host us at "Virginia is for Shovers". Bout starts at 7.

(Photos by Jenny Swab ... Happy Birthday, Jenny!)

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  1. Thanks Becky - I love it! See you tomorrow night. Tiffany