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Friday, June 4, 2010

Rocktown Rollers vs. Mason Dixon Roller Vixens Bout Recap

Yes, we realize that this happened a couple months ago, but did we mention that we are busy? So here it is...the recap of the Rocktown Rollers bout with Mason Dixon Roller Vixens on April 11th at Funky's Skating Center here in Harrisonburg. Everyone was ready for this, Rocktown's first bout of the season in front of a home town crowd and the two teams delivered the hard hitting derby action that everyone came to see.

The bout started with Xena Whompher and Bite-Size Bruiser on the jammer line and our esteemed mayor, Kai Degner, blowing the first whistle. Xena came out of the gate ready for action with a 11-2 first jam putting Rocktown in the lead. A lead that Rocktown would not give up for the entire bout. Xena Whompher and KILLnitzki traded off jamming in the first half, with a little help from Betty Crasher and Grim Nemisis. Mason Dixon mixed up their ja
mming pool a little giving Bite-Size Brusier, Liz Dexic, ThrashQuatch, Fanny Harmher, and Poison Princess all turns on the line. Janna-cide controlled the pack for Rocktown taking the majority of the pivot action, while Liz Dexic and Fanny Harmher wore the stripe the most for Mason Dixon. Afro-Die-T and Vitamin V also rocked the pivot position for Rocktown. While Bite-Size Bruiser and Poison Princess took a break from jamming to lead the pack as pivots. The score going into the half was Rocktown 87 and Mason Dixon 47.

Mason Dixon started strong in the second half with a 4-0 jam by Bite-Size Bruiser. The hard hits continued into the second half, including some jammer on jammer action between
KILLnitzki and Bite-Size Bruiser. Both teams had amazing hits from blockers including Snakelegs, Bam Bam Brawler, SuperCharger, Blue Steele, Knasty Knitter, and Anayaphylactic Shock, skating in the first bout of her career, for Rocktown and Pink Medusa, India Tango, and Lezzie Lou for Mason Dixon. The bout ended with a spectacular 15-4 grand slam jam by Betty Crasher. The final score was Rocktown 167 and Mason Dixon 84.

Now for the awesomely geeky statistics. There were a total of 38 jams in the bout (19 in each half). Rocktown had the lead jammer 49% of the time and Mason Dixon had lead 38%. KIILnitzki was lead scorer with 73 points, Xena Whompher was second in points with 50, and Bite-Size Bruiser was third with 41 points.

Both team kept the refs and penalty trackers busy with a total of 85 penalties called during the course of the bout. Rocktown had 49 while Mason Dixon only had 36. Liz Dexic lead the Vixens with a total of 11 penalties (all minors). Xena Whompher and Vitamin V had the most penalties for Rocktown. Xena had 8 minor penalties and 1 major, while V sat in the box for 7 minors and 1 major. A special shout-out to the refs that helped keep the skaters safe and the coaches crazy. Representing Rocktown was Bishop, Gunshow, and Glider and from Mason Dixon was Serial Kilter, Hariball, and Hellvis Presley.

The Rocktown Rollers were happy to be able to donate $310 to the Collins Center, a local sexual assault advocacy group, and $105 to the Gus Bus, a local childhood literacy program, from the sale of tickets to this bout.

A huge thanks goes out to all of the fans, friends, and family that attended, as well as to the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens for a wonderful bout.

Don't forget about our next home bout at Funky's Skating Center on July 18th!


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