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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Orange Duct Tape Tribute

On Saturday the 17th, we traveled to visit the Five 40 Roller Girls and played a fun game.  There was lots of great things happening on and off the track, but there was one thing in the back of all of Rocktown's minds.
See all those orange banded knee pads? Yeah, it's kinda hard to miss, but this was our Orange Duct Tape Tribute.  A tribute to duct tape?! No, sure it's awesome and every derby girl's best friend, but that is not why we rocked this.  This is how our beloved Coach, Afro Die T, rocks her gear, with bright neon Rocktown colors.  "I can always find myself on footage that way" she has said, so when we had to go play without her we made sure she showed up in pictures everywhere.
That blur could easily be Afro's fighting spirit there with us! =)

Or an intimidating wall of orange holding them all back, just as Coach Afro taught us.

Just days prior to this bout our beloved Coach got hurt at practice.  The whole world of Rocktown stopped as we waited to see what was going on.  It's hard seeing someone so strong and amazing get hurt, and losing a team mate for an unknown period of time to injury leaves a hole. 
And much like many other things you don't realize how much you depend on that one person until they aren't there.  There was no "Afro Tie Die" announced during introductions, there was no Mama Bear on the side keeping our minds in the game with pep talks, not to mention that there was no one keeping the antacid companies in business that day.  Every one stepped in to do their parts, and filled as many of Afro's shoes as possible and for her we brought home a win. 
Afro, this one's for you, get your butt back to us soon!




  1. *photos courtesy of Becca Rust, MBS Photography and Rick ODell Photography

  2. That is really sweet! I hope she recovers quickly.

  3. Hope Afro gets back on track quickly!!