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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Awesomeness

So, have you ever sat back and wondered what you can do with all of the awesomeness you have?  Ever wanted a way to give back to the community?  Looking for a way to be pushed physically and mentally?  Want to have all of these while being rewarded with great new friendships, good times and the best 'you' possible?

Well, come on out and join Rocktown this Thursday at Funky's Skate Center while we have a Fresh Meat Meet and Greet.  Get to know some of your favorite ladies and meet a few great zebras (refs) while you are at it.  Get to know a few of the details and see us scrimmage against one another at the end, just in case you've never seen a bout =)

And food, did I mention that there will be munchies?! Some of us derby girls love munchies and such.  So we will be providing you with munchies and new friends and a "show" at the end.  I mean really, what more could you ask for of a Thursday evening?  Tell your friends, come on out and learn a little more about us and what you can do to be involved.

Nerd on day four of her freshmeat practices.  This could be you! You too can have 
this much epic awesomeness, just come on out and join us.
*photo swiped from Revenga D'Nerd's facebook page =)

Fresh Meat Recruitment Facebook Page

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