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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Season Opener

Well, this past week has been a great one, but I'm glad it's over!   We had our first bout of the season, and at home no less.  We followed it up with a Derbyversary party at the Artful Dodger complete with Rocktown's own version of cupcake wars and a few raffles.

Rocktown fought a hard game against the New River Valley Roller Girls.  Both teams showcased some new faces and old favorites and all took it to the track and laid it out there.

Final Score
NRV 224
RTR 189

And of course once all the hard work of playing is done, it's time to head to the Dodger and party it up Rocktown style!  This was no ordinary afterparty though, this was Derbyversary.  So we had to party big and have a few special things to top it all off.

Like how about Cupcake Wars Rocktown style!

Three teams of Rocktown skaters worked together to create cupcakes and displays for them for this event.  Each buy into the war got participants one cupcake from each display and a vote for their favorite.

Here Little Miss Meany and Rosie the Retaliator show off the cupcakes that showcase them

And what would a derby themed cupcake war be with out a track and bout replica out of cupcakes?

The winner of the Cupcake War was ........................... 
the cupcake derby bout replica! Congratulations to Sun Tzu-Z, Ginger Crush, Doll Nightmare, Canadian Breakin' and Sanity Clawz for the win.

Next up was a raffle for a gorgeous diamond earring and necklace set donated to Rocktown by Rocky's Gold and Silver.  Our own Little Miss Meany was the winner of that raffle.  Lastly is our season long raffle, which means you can still get in on this, a quilt made for Rocktown.

This will be at all home bouts and events for Rocktown this season.  Be sure to get your tickets for your chance to go home and curl up with your own piece of the team!

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  1. ***photos courtesy of Robert Lipscomb and several Rocktown skaters***