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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Derby Talk 9/14/08 Practice with Charlottesville Derby Dames

Derby Talk; Sunday Practice 9/14/08

First off, thank you to everyone who helped with the car wash; it was VERY successful!!! Other than the $$$, we were able to spread the word of derby. After a few events, I feel our Fresh Meat committee will expand with great demand.

Sunday Practice with Charlottesville Derby Dames:
We had a GREAT practice with Charlottesville Derby Dames. All the girls were very nice, unique, and supportive. The following is an overview of what we practiced:

Skates off…
· Group stretch lead by April.
Any announcements will be presented during group stretch at the beginning and end of each practice. This way we don't lose focus in the middle of practice. It's like stopping in the middle of a LARGE hill to take a break. Take a break when you get to the top! We will still have breaks, just not 15+ breaks…
· Strength exercises lead by Thom
Ooooo it hurts so good! We are going to be working on core exercises every practice to build muscle, improve balance, and to be hot hot hot! Janna and Nicole are working on a routine for everyone to complete on and off the rink. This will give Thom more time to work on fun drills. Just remember, the pain will go away!
STRETCH! STRETCH! STRETCH! Stretch in the mornings and before you go to bed. Though your muscles hurt, the pain will reside once you work them again. Become a couch potato and the pain wasn't worth it at all. You will lose anything you built. Eventually you are toning, instead of building. Don't enable yourselfe, encourage yourself!

Skates on!
· 10-20-30-40 – Because Cville was here, we did not skate 30 minute endurance. We wanted to utilize our time on drills.
· Weaving Drill – we split in two groups (Rocktown and Cville) to practice the typical weaving drill. We are finding that people still need to push themselves harder to keep up while others need to pay attention to the group speed. With that being said…
· Blocking Drill – One person blocks while the other person tries to get around. This is a one on one drill that will help improve your balance and agility.
· Slowing Down Drill – Cville introduced the best drill for keeping the pack together and being sneaky at the same time! Line up 3+ skaters in a row. Each skater should be able to touch the person behind, beside, and in front of them at all times. The pacers in the front keep the speed then randomly slowing down by using a wedge method (like skiing). You have to slow down as best as possible without using your hands, toe stops, or t-stops.

Fresh Meat…
We need to keep encouraging our fresh meat team. They are kicking ass by learning the fundamentals, rules, and the world of derby. Give props to Cary and Sara for jumping into some drills that exceeded their skate level. Way to push it girls!

Scrimmage: Colors VS Black (TEAMs mixed)…
· Each TEAM had 8 players, allowing us to sub 3 at a time. This gave us the opportunity to learn by watching and playing without killing ourselves. Everyone took some hard falls and kicked ass! Some were disappointed in their skating ability while others were impressed that they could keep up!

Closing Note…

We ALL have to remember is that we ALL are still learning. We started in February of 2008; ONLY 7 months ago!!! The surrounding teams have been with each other for a bit longer and most have sister teams to learn from. We are from scratch as others before us. You can't get any better by giving up or getting frustrated. Take your frustrations out on derby. Keep your head up and work harder to improve the skills you feel you lack. Use your team mates for encouragement and assistance to guide you. Everyone needs to improve some way or another and we can't do it alone! Don't take constructive criticism personally. You will never get any better without direction. It doesn't matter if it's coming from the coach or your fellow skater, be POSITIVE. On the flip side, if you have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, share it.

Austa Lasagna...
The Negotiator 8.2.0 Baby!

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