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Friday, September 12, 2008

Taping Skates and No Toe Stops!

After all the bouts I had been to never really thought about WHY everyone was putting duct tape over thier laces... well 3 weeks and 3 pair of laces later.... I know why.

Maybe everyone else figured this one out before me, but practicing fall drills over and over tear up laces hard core. I got three rolls of duct tape for my girls to have a regular practices to cover thier laces up. It helps SO MUCH.

Our floors are a little rough from sanding, but I suggest to anyone, put tape over your laces, it save the pain of re-lacing in the long run.

Also, a friend our the team that skated roller hockey suggested to me to skate WITHOUT TOE STOPS! Wow, I do NOT suggest this to Derby Girls.

I feel over all (once you get use to it) that yes my skating is better from not having them. You have to force yourself to get up and start off level footed. It is a big change. But I feel my crossovers are smoother and even with whipping, I know i dont trip over my stops (i had the large bell ones).

I suggest for Derby girls to skate with the small toe stops. They give you the extra little pushes that you need to help spritnt at times. But if you want, try it without them, you just have to learn to "cut" into the track more with your inside wheels.

Anyway, that is all for now. We are skating with C'ville this weekend for a general practice, should be a great time! Plus the car wash on the in the morning (the 13th) need to raise some funds! So if you are reading stop by and see us at Function4 Sports on Rte 33. I'll be hanging out and chatting AND filling buckets as the girls wash the cars!

Director of Training for RockTownRollers

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