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Friday, September 6, 2013

Number 99!!!

Derby Name: Doll Nightmare

Derby Number: 99

What made you pick your name and number:
I've been a "nightmare" ever since I turned 12; always getting into trouble.  It's a salute to my darkside.  My everyday name is Barbi and I'm only 5'2" so that's where the "Doll" part comes in.
Nine is my favorite number, but a former skater (SnakeLegs) had that number.  I borrowed her skates when I was freshmeat until I was able to buy my own... so out of respect for her, I didn't take her one nine... I chose 99 instead.  Killnitzki said "I would have 99 ways to ruin someones life" - ha! I liked that (and I'm still working hard on those "ways")

When did you join derby:
I broke my kneecap in December of 2009 in a klutzy accident that had nothing to do with skating.  While I was recovering I went to a derby bout and met Betty CrasHer who invited me to come check out a practice.  I went to my first practice in July 2010 and I've been skating and training with Rocktown ever since.

Favorite derby memory:
I have so many great memories with many of my roller sisters. I've met and trained with some incredible derby athletes like Bonnie D'Stroir, Shenita Stretcher, and Mercy (from Rose City) and cherish those memories because they taught me so much.
Hanging out with the amazing women of River City is ALWAYS epic.
But, I'm really fond of the memory of Little Miss Meany and I (after an out of state bout) sneaking off to take a midnight swim after our motel pool had closed.  We had to jump the chain link fence because the gate was locked.  There was much whispering and giggling involved, it made me feel like a naughty teenager again.

Favorite quote:
"You will never defeat me Skeletor" - Masters of the Universe

How has derby positively affected you:
It has shown me that I am capable of ANYTHING.  It has made me stronger, both body and mind.  Roller derby has brought the most incredibly amazing people into my life.  People I would not have met elsewhere.

Anything else we should know about you:
I've been married forever (16 years) and my husband turned derby ref in order to still see me.  I have two funny kids (11 and 14) and we live with five old rescue pugs and 2 kitties.  

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