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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vana Hell's Sting

Derby Name: Vana Hell's Sting

Derby Number: 7

Reason for picking the name and number you chose:
I was struggling to find something that was catchy and a play on words.  I had been watching a lot of actions movies searching for a name that stood out to me.  Hugh Jackman is a pretty convincing actor.... and so after watching Van Helsing I decided I liked the concept and his character and Vana just stuck with me after that.  As for my number, 7's always been lucky for me.

When did you join derby:
September of 2012

What is your favorite derby memory:
I'm still in the process of making lots of derby memories, but the team did take me on my first road trip.  I was still a fresh meat and the team was headed to Long Island, New York.  That trip was a great heads up to all the things I was in store for with derby.  Great friends and good times on the road and on and off the track.

How has derby positively affected you:
Derby has give me so much confidence in myself.  I never played any sports in school so to see my physical abilities change for the better over the course of a few months is really motivating.  I have a second family that pushes me to do better and be better as a person.  I find myself wanting to be a stronger role model for the young girls I work with.

Favorite quote:
When I worked in a restaurant an older couple came up to me and remarked how short I was.  The man commented to me that he had always liked his women on the smaller side to which his wife replied "dynamite comes in small packages."

*photos courtesy of MBS Photography and Robert Lipscomb Photography

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